Friday, June 22, 2007

TINO is upon us. Are you going?


Well, Michael's Bay's shit-tastic film adaptation of Transformers (aka TINO - Transformers In Name Only) hits screens next week and I can't say I'm any more excited about it than I was a year ago.

But I have gotten beyond my strong disappointment with the production. First there was the bait and switch My. Bay and Steven Spielberg pulled on the fans by telling them they wanted to ake a very "G1" movie ("G1" references the first few season of the show). Then production art started "leaking out" in the spring of 2006 and very little looked like G1 Transformers.

And most G1 Transformer fans gasped in surprise.

Can you find Megaton's facial features?

Making changes so that a character who originally transformed into a minivan now transforms into a pickup truck- not a big deal. The flames on Optimus Prime? Heinous and crass for the humble Autobot leader. But they were gradually reduced. So much in fact you can barely see them when Opitmus is in robot form. But the incredibly shitty robot designs that make it hard to find their facial features was and still remains in vapidly poor taste. And let's not forget about the leaked script from last February. I read it several times and it stunk just as bad with each read. The story is secondary to the action scenes. And the character development? It's tertiary to the storyline. I could go on and on, but I won't. It's pointless. There was so much potential to make a good movie, not just the typical Michael Bay "explosion-fest"

Show your disgust for Bay with TINO shirt, won't you?


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