Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin - Rest In Peace

A great comedic mind is no longer with us.

There is no one today that is really a direct successor to George Carlin's brand of humor. Sure, the guy waned a bit in his twilight years, but so do most of the greats. For almost his entire career he was way out in front of the "edge" of popular comedy. His insights and use of language (both "dirty" and not) were incomparable among stand-ups contemporaries. Only in the later 90's did America start seeing increasing numbers of comedians who took their humor to "the edge", making it more "raw" and covering topics or using language that was previously considered "socially extreme". Now everybody does it. But when you go back and watch Carlin's older stuff (I'm most familiar with his 80's stuff and the early 90's gem, Jammin in New York) you see just how far he sails above all of today's comics.

George Carlin, you've given this world a great many laughs, often to tears. And now, we shed a collective tear back to you for all the laughs you gave us.
Rest In Peace, you funny fucker.

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