Friday, September 25, 2009

AIRPLANE! needs a 30th Anniversary re-release in 2010

Demand it from Paramount, NOW!
Hey folks, what's more fun than a leaflet about famous Jewish Sports Legends?


This film was one of the first comedies I remember seeing when I was a kid. Somehow it got a PG rating when it was released in 1980, which is amazing considering today it'd easily get a PG-13 and maybe even an R given the blatant pair of breasts which appear prominently in the third act.

The comedy team of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker really set the bar high for all future slapstick comedies with Airplane (which came after Kentucky Fried Movie, their hilarious cinematic collection of spoof vignettes). The path they blazed with Airplane set the precedent for Top Secret and the Naked Gun movies, the latter of which met with much more box office success.

I IMPLORE Paramount to give this movie a limited theatrical re-release next year. I guarantee it'll be the best comedy you watch in the theater all year. There are so many funny moments in this film, it's futile to try and make mention of them all here.

If you have somehow never seen this movie or haven't seen it in a while, well, watch the whole damn movie on YouTube now:

Or, just enjoy a few of "Johnny's" funniest moments:

So take yourself back to a time when tickets "smoked" and you gave your cab driver another 20 minutes, but that's all! And demand it from Paramount next year!

So There!

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