Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Sightseer and I saw this over the weekend and it truly exceeded my expectations. I had doubts and up until the final full trailer really felt Pixar might be falling on their face this summer.

But I was wrong.
In fact, I don't think Ratatouille has gotten enough acclaim in a summer full of overblown action movie sequels. The film was well written/directed/scored. It was Pixar's top quality product, second only to the Toy Story movies and tied (for me) with Incredibles for 2nd place among the best Pixar films.

But oddly enough, I find many people not knowing "what it's about" or "if it's any good". Hopefully the buzz builds in time for its DVD release.

And for what it's worth, Michael Giacchino scored Ratatouille- the same guy as the Incredibles. So if you enjoyed the jazzy throwback sounds of Incredibles...

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Bootsoo said...

I read some reviews that made it sound really good, so I'm glad to get real live confirmation. Considering I only get to the actual theater about twice a year any more, I'll have to stick it on the old Netflix queue for future consumption.