Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Indy IV Score Samples on Amazon

Greetings Indyfans!

30-second samples of the tracks on the score for Kingdom of the Crystal Skull showed up on recently.
Do Beware of SPOILERS in reading the track titles. I know, I know - if it's on published material, is it really still a "spoiler"? I say "no", but as this is the first Indy movie anyone's had in almost 20 years, some of the fan community on the web has become uptight about this kind of thing.

I like what little I can hear so far. A little of it reminds me of Williams' work on the Star Wars prequel scores, work I personally enjoyed (in some ways more than the movies themselves.)

I really dig that part of "The Map Room" theme from Raiders shows up in the track called "The Spell of the Skull" and "Marion's Theme" also makes an appearance on this CD in the last cue (if not elsewhere that we can't hear yet!)

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