Friday, May 9, 2008

Sweep the Leg!

I'm sure this isn't new to some, but I was just recently introduced to the video for "Sweep the Leg", which features the titular song by the group No More Kings. The video spoofs a few 80's pop culture moments, but most notably Karate Kid.

Written and directed by Johnny himself, William Zabka and his Cobra Kai buddies (yes, they reassembled his close gang of Cobra Kais 20 years leater) sit around their trailer watching Karate Kid over and over until Johnny's old mentor comes back and Johnny sets out to right the wrong done to him by Larusso's crane kick many years ago. The guy who played Principal Belding on Saved By The Bell also makes a cameo appearance in the beginning and I'm pretty sure that's Ralph Macchio there at the end.

"Get him a body bag, Johnny! Yeeeaaaaahhh!"

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