Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Smell That Ensnared Mission Viejo PART II

UPDATE #2 : As I posted in the comments in my original
post, there's a Mission Viejo City Council Meeting TONIGHT at 6pm at the civic center (where the Library is). Should we make our presence known? Just a thought...

UPDATE : 6:13pm - Nope, it came back. BARF!!

Halloween has come and gone, but in Saddleback, The Stench still lingers!

Thanks for all the feedback in the previous post below. It's good to know I'm not alone and crazy and that so many other people are making calls and sending emails to the City, SMWD, and news outlets to help spread the word about what is going on. It's amazing that SMWD and Mission Viejo had scant mentions of this stinky phenomenon until days after it had become incredibly noticeable (that's putting it nicely.)

Thanks in no short part to people who've commented here, it looks like there's not at least a litte bit of info on the Web about this, though it seems there's a few different stories out there. One rumor includes a broken sewer pipe causing the algae bloom.

Posts on The Stench of '09:
City of Mission Viejo (leave comments!): http://tinyurl/ykaz739
OC Register:

Keep making those calls and sending emails on Monday.

And, let's be sure to remind any elected officials that Tuesday is election day. I know there aren't any huge races in MV (what about RSM?), but perhaps it'll at least remind them we are people, too. And we vote.



finky the kid said...

Sun's almost down here in Pinecrest and so far, so good without the Stench returning. I'm not so optimistic that we've smelled the last of it, though.

Andy said...

Maybe we should all show up at SMWD's office and complain in person

Anonymous said...

We need to show up there in person, yes. But we also need to show up at RSM City Hall in mass numbers and demand to speak with City Council Members IMMEDIATELY!

Anonymous said...

From the City's web site:

City to stop irrigating with recycled water through Thursday

The City will temporarily stop irrigating with recycled water in an effort to help quell the foul
odor caused by an algae bloom in the Santa Margarita Water District's Upper Oso Reservoir.
The City's move comes as the water district is working to eliminate the odor that has prompted
much resident concern. District officials say the foul smell is expected to subside within the next
several days, as the water district has added equipment in the lake to help return the oxygen
levels to normal. As of Saturday, the dissolved oxygen levels have started increasing, officials
said. But the City is hoping to complement those efforts since the Oso Reservoir is the main
source of recycled irrigation water throughout Mission Viejo.
"As such, the Public Services department will be abstaining from irrigating with recycled water
until Thursday of this week. At which time, it is hoped that Santa Margarita Water District will
have the situation resolved," said Public Services Manager Jerry Hill.

finky the kid said...

Great news. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That is good news but doesn't help those of us who live along the resevior. The smell is back tonight and it is not getting any better!

Anonymous said...

OK, I've emailed our congressman, Gary Miller for help.

I suggest that others do the same.