Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Smell That Ensnared MIssion Viejo Continued (PART III)

UPDATE 2 : City of Mission Viejo posted video of the City Council Meeting last night. Skip to 58:00 into it to bypass the Closed Session. John Schatz, SMWD General Manager speaks shortly after they begin the public comments.

UPDATE 1 : There's a new article on the Register website

Yes, the smell continues in Mission Viejo for yet another day.

Just wanted to post a big "THANK YOU" to everyone here who has helped make their voices heard about the STENCH that continues to haunt our neighborhood.

Not just here, but in places that really count like calling newsrooms, emailing reporters, contacting the SMWD and City of Mission Viejo, etc. It's unfortunate that the Stench still persists, but I feel like there is progress being made now that our voices are being heard.

Just curious, was anyone able to attend the MV City Council meeting last night? Would like to hear from anyone who did.

Although I cannot access the site from work, I do get updates from the City of Mission Viejo site (linked to in my Part II post) and I saw this message from a "caring soul" (I've edited it for content):

"Wow. What a bunch of hysterical SoCal pXXXXs--all of them with their little panties in a knot because a natural process in a lake nearby has resulted in an odor for a couple of days. I really love the woman who plays the "I'M PREGNANT!" card immediately. So? You're pregnant. Biology works again! Ease up, dipXXX, your precious little baby is fine."

Gee, thanks for the thougtful words from someone who is OBVIOUSLY not affected by this smell. Now, go back to your bridge underpass, troll. If I could access this page on the Mission Viejo City's site, I'd post a response to his dumbass.


cher said...

HI Samuel
My name is Cher Calvin from KTLA can you please call me I would like to interview you
Newsdesk KTLA 323-460-5513 and please leave a number where I can contact you for an interview if you are interested.

Kara said...

Hi Samuel this is Kara at KTLA you number isn't working, could you please call our desk again and give us your email address and phone number so we can ensure that Cher can reach you?

finky the kid said...

Just called and left my info.

Anonymous said...

Finky, I really, really hope I see a KTLA segment where they talk about interviewing Mission Viejo resident "Samuel L. Bronkowitz"... Haha.

finky the kid said...

Ha ha, Anonymous. It's funny that you get the "in joke" there. When KTLA called me they asked for "Samuel" and I kinda had to explain that it's not my real name...which seemed to confuse them. I didn't btoher explaining where "Samuel L Bronkowitz" comes from.
Long live Zucker Abrahams Zucker!

finky the kid said...

On second thought, perhaps I should have goofed on them and let them think my name really was "Samuel Bronkowitz". Dang, where's a flux capaictoer when I need it?

Anonymous said...

Something has to be done about this awful stench. It’s even worse now than it was 2 weeks ago. It’s so frustrating to come home every night to a reeking house and neighborhood. Not only can we not enjoy the outdoors, but we can’t even have fresh or non-stinky air in our homes. The horrible stench makes it difficult to breathe, even inside my own house!

It’s not just inconvenient, it’s a health hazard that at a minimum is negatively impacting Mission Viejo residents’ happiness and sleep. I think it’s likely to blame for the headaches, nausea, allergies, and nosebleeds that our community has been experiencing. It’s disgusting and it’s got to stop.