Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clone me a new Lucasfilm product, please

The Clone Wars, one of the two new Star Wars themed television series in developement for 2008, can now be glimpsed via a trailer released on Starwars.com.

Besides the fact that the prequels were overall a bit underwhelming for most fans (and forgetting that thousands of Sci-fi goobers just descended upon LA for Celebration IV this past weekend), I think the fanbase is generally a little jaded with Lucas and his quadrillion dollar space operas right now. On top of that, why is this new series focused on the Clone Wars period? Was that not suffiiently and decently well covered by the Tartokovsky animated series a few years ago? And why does it seem this series will feel like you're watching a video game that you don't actually get to play instead of just watching TV?

And shouldn't you really be cutting your TV time down by an hour, anyway???

At this point, I'm not over-excited for this series and am more interested to see what they come up with for the live-action show, which will cover a "new" time period (between Episodes III and IV) and feature mostly new characters.

So many questions. So long (perhaps not long enough?) to wait for answers...if there are any worthwhile.

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