Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, there's now definitive proof for all how shitty the robot designs for the new Transformers movie are. In fact, Michael Bay himself has put them on his own blog.

Hey, it's MEGATRON! Actually No, it's not. That's Ironhide with the big-ass arm cannons. Way to go, Bay. Look below if you want to see what they did to Megatron (aka MINO: "Megatron In Name Only")
Not Megatron

THIS is Megatron:

Big Metal Mess

If you think that's bad, wait til you see what they did to Frenzy. (You remember him from the comics/cartoon, right?)

It's not that the designs in and of themselves- out of context- are so terribly bad. But looking at these, would anyone recognize it as a "Transformer"? More importnantly, does it seem "exciting" or like alot of other "sleek, metallic" robot designs you've seen in the manga world for the last decade? I mean, if you're doing a Transformers movie and you want to redo the looks of the 'bots, at least give them INSPIRED new looks. I can't even pinpoint Megatron's facial features!

Check out his blog for more crappy designs!

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