Thursday, May 17, 2007

Silly rabbit, that ain't a "new" shape of Trix!

General Mills, do you have Alzheimer's? Or is a member of Pokemon-loving Generation Z running your marketing department? (yes, I realize this change happened in December, but I don't monitor cereal box changes the way I did when I was a kid, so this news is just now getting to me.)

Rabbit is happy to have a new shape

This "new" shape ISN'T new. Trix originally came in this circle-puff shape. When they changed to the "fruit shapes" in 1992, it was kind "fun" for about a week. But their metamorphism into fruit shapes was like when you got a new version of your favorite cartoon as a kid. You could still recognize the basics (here: the colors, though by this point Trix had added a few of those, too.) But something was just a little off. Anyway, it wasn't too long before the novelty wore off and you wanted the "old" circle shape again.

Something I noticed about these "new" Trix: they may be circular, but they're still not the same Trix as before. Originally, they were like a fruit version of uber-kid friendly Kix cereal: mostly hollow in the middle. These little puffballs are now solid in the middle, like a Cheese-puff. No more "miniature bowls of milk" in your bowl of Trix. (was I the only one who used to enjoy "drinking" out of a defect Trix that was only a half-globe in my cereal bowl??)

Old School Trix cereal

By the way, I know this is just a marketing gimmick to reinvigorate likely sagging sales of this staple kid-cereal, but it's just insulting to those of us who have been on this planet for more than 15 years. Calling this a "new shape" would have been like saying the Hulk became a "new' color when he went from being grey to green again. Don't act like people who were loyal users and remember the previous version don't exist. This change will still be "new" to your target audience of kids, but they don't really care whether this is truly new or just new to them. It's a change. They'll doubtless clamor for countless boxes of Trix with "new" shapes from the grocery store shelves just because something is "different" in them (this is called the "Lucky Charms" strategy because everytime they want to sell more cereal, they just add a new marshmellow charm and kids go nuts to chomp a soggy "pot of gold" or "red balloon").

Oh, and General Mills, good job keeping your branding up to date both on and off the Internet.

I guess I've ranted enough on kids' cereals for now.


Lloyd said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. But I have to say I'm not impressed with their new shape. I rather have the fun fruit shapes back. What kind of crap is this? It looks like colorful kix.

finky the kid said...

Yes, too many colors now. It does look like colorful Kix, but I liked Kix as a kid (occassionally. I wouldn't want it everyday for weeks.)

By the way, I should correct a mistake in this article - the Hulk was originally grey in the very first appearance and origin of the character, but then he quickly went green for a long time, only to go grey again inthe 80's and then back to green. I was drenched in Trix info when I wrote this, so I wasn't thinking straight about comic books at the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

the hulk was always green grey hulk was a completely diffrent person and who really cares what shape trix are you loser go get a life before i smack you with my dick

Trishamiss said...

I really do miss the fruit shapes. Actually I miss Trix. You can no longer buy them in Canada which is very sad. It was my favorite cereal when I was growing up. Now every time someone goes to the US they always bring me back a box. But I have to say, it really upsets me. They are back to their original ball shape. I'd be fine with the shape if they didn't swirl the colours together into one ball. They could at least have one ball one colour. (Yes I'm Canadian so that is how I spell colour)

They kind of remind be now of Fruity Pebbles (Which you also can't buy in Canada).... Which that gets me onto a whole new rant. Because Fruity Pebbles are now flakes. How can you call a flake a pebble.

Jennie Rouge said...

I have a petition to general mills about this very same thing, Trix is not the same and I want it back the way it was! Go sign! Mention about the flavor and hollow balls in the comments section!